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Gravitas is a sculptural comb and mirror set hand-carved out of alabaster. Through its' shape and material, Gravitas aims to make the user slow down their pace. 

The stone is cold and heavy, the shape exaggerated and intentionally clumsy, but beautiful. To maneuver the shape and weight of the material, the user needs to focus and be present in the moment. The sound of the comb running through hair is pleasant, it sounds like you've placed your ear against a sea shell, and the sensation of cold stone against your scalp creates presence. 

The idea of Gravitas came from me being a young female consumer and feeling bombarded by beauty products marketed as "self care". I wanted to make a product for wellness that wasn't tied to consumption or beauty, and that one could fit into a busy schedule.

Gravitas is meant to be used in the user's morning and evening routine, as you are preparing for or unwinding from the day. The product aims to create moments of mindfulness and pauses in the often stressful everyday life. The comb pleasurably massages the scalp and the mirror is a complement where you can see your relaxed, true self and take in this personal moment. 

Hand-carved from stone, Gravitas is a product that never needs to be replaced.

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